homage care professional emily lim

4 Years of Caregiving: Road to Self-Discovery & Family Reconnection

From working with kids to seniors, Emily discovered her potential and gained a renewed relationship with her own parents. Read the full story here!

by Homage team

4 Years of Caregiving for Malaysians

A company has a name but it is its people that give it meaning. As we celebrate Homage Malaysia’s 4th Anniversary this year, we invite 3 Homage Care Professionals who have joined the team since its inception to share their caregiving journey 4 years on.

homage care professional emily lim

Meet Emily, a Klang girl who started her career as a kindergarten teacher. She later found interest in caregiving and had the opportunity to work at the National University Hospital Singapore. With her experience working with kids and healthcare professionals, she then translates her creativity, passion, and childlike care with Homage Malaysia, providing elder care services in the home setting.

Her career with Homage is the first step on the road to self-discovery and also a reconnection with her parents.

Throughout the caregiving journey, I discover more about myself. On the other hand, I learnt to understand my parents better.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello, my name is Emily. Time flies like melting ice! It’s been 4 years now. As I walk along the care journey with Homage Malaysia, I learn, fall, stand up, and repeat. As the saying goes, “We are not defeated by adversity but by the loss of will to strive. However devastated you may feel, so long as you have the will to fight on, you can surely triumph!” – Daisaku Ikeda

What inspired you to join this line of work and eventually Homage Malaysia?

I like caregiving, bringing joy to people, and making a difference for others. Throughout the journey, I discover more about myself. On the other hand, I learnt to understand my parents better.

Share with us your caregiving journey in Homage – how was it like when you first started as compared to now?

In the beginning, I was reserved and has a lack in confidence. As I practice more, I get to understand myself better. I learnt to acknowledge my flaws and put in the effort to work on them! As time goes by, I become more confident while I apply my skill and creativity in delivering care services.

What are some of your favourite memories or experiences while working here?

Firstly, I would say that it is really an eye-opener when I get the opportunity to provide care outside of the regular home setting with Homage. Recently, I get designated at an eye specialist centre where I gained exposure in the operation theatre (OT). I get to wear scrubs, work with nurses as they share their advice, prepare OT tools, and prep the patients for surgery. I get to observe and chaperone the patients throughout the process and thoroughly enjoy cleaning up the theatre before and after the surgery.

Secondly, the training sessions organised by Homage, be it virtual or in person, is really great for me to bond with the staff and other Care Professionals. That inspired me to keep going! 💪

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Can you share 1-2 challenges you faced in your role and how you overcame them?

The going gets tough when my regular care recipients get too comfortable with me after frequent visitations. They get mischievous and cheeky and don’t seem to cooperate. This challenges me to keep on thinking of new and creative ways to handle them.

On the contrary, I also encountered a care recipient who is not comfortable with my visit during our first time meeting. She stayed in her own comfort zone and insisted on getting things done on her own without my assistance. I felt helpless but I tried to make her feel comfortable as much as possible instead of getting stressed up.

Patience and perseverance are the keys. Things may not turn out well this time but try again and again in different ways and you will find the right one.

What do you think sets your career apart from others?

I get to put in efforts to break through obstacles; I try new ways to improve the senior’s condition until I achieve my expectation of care standard.

How has working as a healthcare professional changed you as a person?

I become more empathetic and sensible, knowing when to be tough and when to tolerate.

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What is the biggest learning from providing care in a home setting?

I learn to adapt to limited space or resources and accommodate the family and care recipients’ habits, expectations, and culture. I do all this while keeping it professional in delivering care services.

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What advice would you give to someone considering a career in the caregiving industry?

Live up to your passion! As you deliver care with your own creativity, you discover more about yourself. Eventually, you grow. Your personality develops, and you learn to be more sensible and resilient when dealing with challenges. This is the best reward 🌟

What is your hope for the company in the healthcare industry in the years to come?

I hope for more families to engage in Homage services and receive the benefit of help out of their busy schedules. It will allow the elderly to lead more meaningful and healthier daily lives, while they walk along their golden age journey with us, in the comfort of their home.

I also hope Homage expands its network by partnering with nursing homes and medical centres, so that we (the Homage Care Professionals) can gain more exposure outside of home setting in the healthcare industry and enhance our skills.

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Careers at Homage Malaysia

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At Homage, we welcome Malaysians from the age of 18-65 to join our pool of trained and certified Care Professionals. Unsure if you are a great fit? Fret not as we provide caregiver training to ensure that you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide quality care to the care recipients before you start.

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