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Igniting Senior’s Will to Live: 26-Year Old Physiotherapist Impacts Life through Caregiving

Read Vijitha's story on how she successfully helped her clients to regain independence and hope through physio and caregiving sessions here at Homage.

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4 Years of Caregiving for Malaysians

A company has a name but it is its people that give it meaning. As we celebrate Homage Malaysia’s 4th Anniversary this year, we invite 3 Homage Care Professionals who have joined the team since its inception to share their caregiving journey 4 years on.

homage care professional Vijitha on her csregiving story with Homage Malaysia

Meet Vijitha, a young, up-and-coming physiotherapist based in Selangor who made caregiving a passion of hers. She started caring for seniors to help them get better but finds the twinkle in their eyes in return as they gain independence a reason for her to keep going and maintain her cheerful disposition no matter the journey.

She would shout at me and ask me to “leave her alone to die”. Hearing that just broke my heart.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m a physiotherapy graduate, currently continuing my Degree in Physiotherapy.  I have been working in the hospital setting for 2 years, then in a physiotherapy clinic setting for a total of 4.5 years plus now.

What inspired you to join this line of work and eventually Homage Malaysia?

When I first started working after graduating from my Diploma program, I joined Homage as a caregiver because it was such a flexible way of work and I got to care for seniors who gave me nothing but smiles and love in return.

Share with us your caregiving journey in Homage – how was it like when you first started as compared to now?

Well, at first when I started off as a caregiver, those gave me such good memories. I did all sorts of things, from helping seniors to shower, to taking them for walks in wheelchairs outside of their homes, and to playing board games with them. It gave me such joy just being a tiny part of their daily lives and being able to bring smiles to their faces.

What are some of your favourite memories or experiences while working here?

The best memory was when I visited an elderly lady who was living alone and had lots of difficulty walking. I started by doing some exercises at her home and then manage to bring her out of the house to go have tea. She was so happy! So every time I visit her she would be so excited. Just to be able to receive such love from her was simply amazing.

Can you share 1-2 challenges you faced in your role and how you overcame them?

I had to help one very senior woman with a dynamic hip screw to shower and then get her to walk. She was very stubborn to cooperate because of the pain of even the simplest movement. She would shout at me and ask me to “leave her alone to die”. Hearing that just broke my heart. However, I persevered and got her to do strengthening exercises. Finally, I managed to get her to go down the stairs, walk outside on her lawn, and have tea. She was so thrilled to be down after almost 5-6 months of just being confined to her own room.

As for me, I get to be in a career that rewards me with smiles.

What do you think sets your career apart from others?

To some, it may be just a job they do for their passion, and to some for the money. As for me, I get to be in a career that rewards me with smiles. The fulfillment of making someone’s life better by helping them to be able to do things for themselves on their own sets my career apart from others.

How has working as a healthcare professional changed you as a person?

homage care professional Vijitha caregiving for senior
It gave me an open heart to accept people for who they are, patience to deal with a lot, and to always smile no matter what.

What is the biggest learning from providing care in a home setting?

I get to take away the lesson of “true wealth comes from giving, not receiving”.

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What advice would you give to someone considering a career in the caregiving industry?

If you’re in it for the flexibility of time, you’re going to face lots of difficulties with the duties. Compassion and willpower are something you absolutely need to have. Yes, it may be hard to deal with the elderly, but their smiles make it worth all that effort.

What is your hope for the company in the healthcare industry in the years to come?

I hope Homage continues its mission to provide home care to people who need it and to grow into a wider reach all across Malaysia. By 2030, the world is expecting an increase in the elderly population which leads to an increase in home care needs. The thought of not having enough healthcare professionals to provide care for the elderly all around Malaysia is just scary to me. Seniors especially those who are less mobile and alone will have hardships traveling to primary healthcare settings as they get older. Their nursing, physiotherapy, or caregiving needs like helping them take a bath or just moving around the house will become a challenge. Hence I hope in the coming years, this gap will be filled in by Homage and we as a country can move forward in the healthcare industry.

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