Deepavali Reflections A Decade of Care with Two Homage Caregivers

Deepavali Reflections with Homage Caregivers

Meet Barathi and Tulasi, dedicated caregivers with a decade of experience, as they share how their cultural values influencing their caregiving approach during the Festival of Lights.

by Homage team

Celebration of Light: A Decade of Caregiving

Deepavali, the Festival of Lights, is a time of joy, celebration, and reflection. It’s a celebration that transcends borders and touches hearts. Even within the healthcare sector, where caregivers provide comfort and support to those in need, Deepavali brings a unique and meaningful touch to their lives. We bring you the stories of two inspiring caregivers, Barathi and Tulasi, who, with a decade of experience and a shared birth year, have dedicated themselves to providing compassionate care while celebrating the spirit of Deepavali.

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Barathi: 10 Years of Caregiving

Homage Care Pro Barathi | Deepavali 2023 Feature

Barathi, a mother of three, has a genuine passion for cooking. But professionally, she has been a caregiver for the past decade and it all started from caring for the ones closest to her.

Barathi: “My decision to become a caregiver with Homage was inspired by my personal experiences in taking care of my parents and in-laws. I believe that hands-on experience is essential for developing practical skills and building the confidence needed in this field.”

As a dedicated caregiver, Barathi keeps the festive spirit alive by wearing traditional clothing, such as a kurta, to work, infusing a touch of Deepavali into her caregiving routine.

Cultural Heritage Influencing Care

Barathi’s Indian heritage plays a significant role in her approach to caregiving. In her culture, respect for elders and compassion are highly valued. These principles have deeply influenced her caregiving philosophy, filling it with empathy and understanding for the elderly and those in need.

Barathi: “My Indian heritage has had a profound impact on my approach to caregiving. In Indian culture, there is a strong emphasis on respect for elders and the importance of compassion. These values have shaped my caregiving philosophy, instilling a deep sense of empathy and understanding for the elderly and those in need.”

Fulfillment Found in Caregiving 

One of the most significant encounters in Barathi’s caregiving journey is the establishment of strong relationships with her patients and their families. She finds immeasurable fulfillment in knowing that her care brings happiness and satisfaction to her patients. Patients often request her services through Homage, a reflection of their appreciation and trust in her caregiving.

Barathi: “The sense of fulfillment is immeasurable when patients express happiness and satisfaction with the care I provide. It is especially meaningful when patients specifically request my services through Homage, as it reflects their appreciation for and trust in my caregiving, which remains a deeply gratifying aspect of my journey.”

Tulasi: Pursuing a Childhood Dream

Tulasi, a mother of three children, has a background as a babysitter, working in a clinic, and certified confinement lady. It’s not until her kids have grown up that she’s able to pursue her childhood dream.

Tulasi: “I remember when I was still in primary school, I had my first storybook about Florence Nightingale. I wished to be like her to contribute my care and love to children and the elderly. Since my children have all grown up now, I can finally pursue my dream as a caregiver.”

Celebrating Deepavali is A Family Affair

As a freelance caregiver, Tulasi has the flexibility to balance her family life and her job during the Deepavali season. Her family comes together to clean the house, make traditional sweets, and partake in traditional rituals. It’s a beautiful blend of work and family celebration.

Tulasi: “Usually during Deepavali, my family members will get together where the guys will clean the house while the ladies will make cookies and muruku. On Deepavali Eve, we will light clay lamps in and outside the house. In the morning, we will oil bath, pray, get blessings from the elderly, put on new clothes, and go to the temple. Then we will head back where we will sit together and have breakfast.”

Cultural Values in Caregiving: Love, Sharing, and Giving

With a decade of caregiving experience, Tulasi carries the values of love, sharing, and giving from her cultural heritage into her work. These values shape her approach to caregiving, making her a loving and compassionate caregiver who goes the extra mile for her patients.

Tulasi: “I’d say take time and be patient. As a caregiver, I want to be known as the care recipient’s trusted friend, always loving, and a true listener. I want to win their hearts in my own way just like how I win my kid’s heart. Caregiving is challenging but I love and enjoy doing my job.”

Being a “Light” to An Alzheimer’s Patient 

It is in Tulasi’s rich caregiving experience that she’s learnt that each Care recipient has their own unique way of handling due to their medical conditions and also character. One of her most profound care impacts is taking care of a patient with Alzheimer’s disease.

Tulasi: “At the beginning, persuading the patient to bathe was a real challenge for her family members as she felt scared and agitated being in contact with water. This has caused neglect in maintaining the personal hygiene of the patient for weeks. On my first few visits, I tried talking to her and playing games like puzzles to try to get to know her better. I will accommodate the activities according to her mood like listening to P. Ramlee’s songs which she loves. It took 3 weeks for her to finally build trust in me and allowed me to wash her legs and hands, dry shampoo her hair, cut fingernails, take her for morning walk, and get her to drink water. Fast forward to now, she finally allows me to help her with bathing and shampooing her hair. At the end of my visit, I also like to take her for a ride after discussing with her family members. Well, sometimes she still refuses to take a bath and would throw tantrum in the shower, but with patience and love, I am able to manage her. Family members are appreciative of my care and would often request for me to return.”

Exemplifying The Spirit of Deepavali As Caregivers

In the spirit of Deepavali, both Barathi and Tulasi embody what it means to be a light in the healthcare field. They bring hope, positivity, and compassion to those in physical or emotional darkness. They are beacons of support and comfort for not only the patients but also their family members through patience and love. 

These caregivers exemplify the spirit of Deepavali by illuminating the lives of those they care for. Their stories serve as a testament to the power of culture, compassion, and caregiving in Malaysia’s multicultural tapestry. This Deepavali, let us celebrate these caregivers and their unwavering commitment to lighting up lives.

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