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Why we need elder care services

Insomnia and poor quality sleep are common among the elderly in Malaysia. This may be caused by various health conditions such as heart rhythm, sleep apnea or depression. As a result, many seniors tend to wake up frequently through the night and caregivers end up having to be on alert 24/7 to attend to the needs of their loved one round-the-clock.

Seniors also tend to have multiple chronic conditions and family caregivers may not be well-equipped with the skills and knowledge to provide the best care, which further adds to the stress of both the caregiver and the elderly.

This compromises the quality of care the senior receives and can be exhausting for the family caregiver, who often take on many roles, as a personal care assistant, nurse, therapist, treasurer and family member all at once, 24/7.

What is elderly care?

Personal Care

Assist with the activities of daily living (ADLs) – eating, bathing, getting dressed, toileting, transferring, and continence.

Nursing Care

Monitor and administer nursing procedures from tube feed and suctioning to injections and wound care.

Home Therapy

Alleviate symptoms and improve bodily functions through prescribed treatment plans.

Medical Escort

Accompany and facilitate transport to-and-fro between home and medical appointments, scans and treatment visits.

Respite Care

Take a break to rest and recharge while our Care Pros take on the caregiving duties.

How we can better care for our elderly loved ones

One tip in caring for seniors is to remember that providing care goes beyond the physical, practical aspect. Keeping seniors meaningfully engaged is also important for their mental and cognitive well-being and keeps dementia at bay. While this may sound like additional work and effort, it can actually enhance your caregiving experience, help you build a deeper and closer relationship with your loved one, and keep you going in the long-run.

Even so, caregiving can still be a physically and emotionally demanding journey. In trying times, do not hesitate to reach out for help. From professional caregivers to support groups, there are many forms of support out there for caregivers in Malaysia. You are not alone.

Joining a caregiver support group lets you connect with fellow family caregivers and support one another while sharing practical tips on taking care of a senior loved one. Having a professional with experience in caring for the elderly can also ensure that your senior loved ones gets the care they deserve and help to guide you along your caregiving journey.

Cost of Elder Care in Malaysia

The cost of elder care varies depending on the type of care needed. On average, most home personal and nursing care costs approximately RM20 to RM50 per hour in Malaysia, but care packages and subsidies are available to offset some of the cost.

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Daily Living Care

RM 29 /hour*
By local certified caregivers

Nursing Care

RM 34 /hour*
By local licensed nurses

Home Therapy

RM 170 /hour*
By local certified therapists
Looking for long-hour care packages for your loved ones? Save up to 20% with our care packages for multiple sessions. Speak with our Care Advisors to find out more.

How does Homage work?

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How it Works - Step 1

Speak to a Care Advisor

Call us at 016 299 2188 or request a callback from our friendly Care Advisory team. Learn more about our range of services and find out how Homage Care Professionals can help.

How it Works - Step 2

Make a Care Plan together

We will work with you to develop a personalised Care Plan based on your loved one’s health status, care requirements, and additional preferences.

How it Works - Step 3

Your personalised care begins

Together we will match you and your loved ones with an exceptional Care Professional. Stay up to date after every appointment with detailed reports on the Homage app.

Download the Homage app and get connected right away.

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Top questions about Elderly Care

Service FAQ

Why is it important for the elderly to have care?

As people age, everyday tasks can start to become more challenging. Being able to age and live at home offers a sense of comfort and independence.

Elderly care at home can help boost self-confidence, encouraging the elderly to remain active and interact more. Home care also empowers the elderly to do daily tasks independently, with ready support should they need it. These feelings of confidence and independence can be immensely beneficial for the elderly’s overall health and well-being.

What is the shortest duration for a elderly care visit?

The duration of a Homage elderly care visit starts from just one hour, depending on the family’s preferences and your loved one’s needs.

How fast will I receive the elderly care service?

Once you have confirmed you will like to proceed with engaging Homage’s elderly care service, we can match you or your loved one with a suitable Care Professional as fast as within 24-48 hours.

Who are the Homage Care Professionals?

Homage Care Professionals are Malaysians or Permanent Residents who are passionate and dedicated to delivering quality elderly care to families and care recipients. 100% local, they are trained caregivers and licensed nurses from all walks of life.

Does Homage provide live-in elderly care service?

We currently provide 24-hour elderly care service but not live-in caregiving.

For our 24-hour elderly care service, two Homage Care Professionals will be scheduled for the visits. Care will be split into 12-hour shifts to support you and your loved one around-the-clock each day.

What are Homage elderly care packages?

We have interim to longer-term elderly care packages with varying care durations so that you and your loved one can find a care package which best fit your needs and preferences. Elderly care packages can also help save up to 20% for multiple care sessions. Reach out to our Care Advisors at 016 299 2188 for more details.

I have 2 elderly at home. Can a Care Professional care for both?

To ensure you or your loved one receives undivided attention and care, each care recipient would be matched to a dedicated Care Professional who fits their needs and preference. If there are 2 elderly in the same home who needs care, a Care Professional would be present to care for each recipient respectively.

What our customers say

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My gratitude and appreciation

My 85-year-old mother, who underwent post-ventral incisional hernia surgery in January 2019 had CPs from Homage, all professionally trained, from leading Malaysian hospitals. The CPs nursed my mother with diligence, and compassion; providing invaluable tips on elderly caregiving to family members. My gratitude and appreciation to Team Homage.

Azwan Shahuddin
Positive experience

Our experience has been very positive. So far, we have used their Care Pros perhaps 10 times (for checking in on mum) and she has been nothing short of kind and supportive. The coordinator Bel has also been a great help since day one. I find the price to be reasonable. Love the reporting feature on their app. You could see what has been done during the visit. It’s worth trying out.

Adelaine Yeo
Definitely one of the best!

I had positive experiences with Homage so far. They are flexible, affordable, and professional. The coordinator from Homage has been very helpful and accommodating to my request since day one. Caregivers assigned to take care of my (85 yo) grandmother are punctual, professionally trained and attentive. Hope they will continue to serve well.

Kamilah Barvin
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Make Home Care Personal To Your Loved One

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