Providing Trusted Care and Comfort at End-of-Life

Homage Care Pros are experienced in end-of-life care and can provide flexible, personalised home care support to your loved ones with advanced conditions, from pain and symptom management to emotional support.

Available islandwide from 1-hour visits to round-the-clock care, learn how we can help.

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Many Malaysian elderly wish to spend their final days at home

There are many reasons for this. People tend to think that end-of-life care is unaffordable. To avoid arguments may ensue due to medical cost, many put off discussing plans for their final days with family. Even if the cost is not an issue, the topic of death largely remains taboo due to superstition.

In Malaysia, family members play an important role in the healthcare decision of a care recipient. Care recipients are often pressured to defer to their family’s decision, and sometimes, families even choose not to reveal the diagnosis to them. Hence, it can be difficult for care recipients to control to make decisions on how they wish to live their final days.

We always want the best for our loved ones, and if their last wish is to depart from this world while surrounded by family at home, we will and should do our best to make it happen.

What is end-of-life care?


Nursing Care

Monitor and administer nursing procedures from tube feed and suctioning to injections and wound care.


Personal Care

Assist with the activities of daily living (ADLs) – eating, bathing, getting dressed, toileting, transferring, and continence.

Night Care

Care provided through the night to assist with toileting or nursing needs, prevent wandering and reduce fall-risk.

Respite Care

Take a break to rest and recharge while our Care Pros take on the caregiving duties.

Vital Signs Monitoring

Keep track of your loved one’s health as our Care Pros help to record temperature, pulse and/or blood pressure readings.

Medication Administration

No more missed doses. Our nurses can help dispense and administer the right dosage of medication at the right time.

Helping your loved ones live in comfort and with dignity at end-of-life

First of all, it is important to start conversations about death earlier, so that we can understand our loved one’s preferences and plan ahead.

In end-of-life care, a family member often takes on the role of the primary caregiver. Adapting to this new role while managing our emotions can be overwhelming. Furthermore, we may not be equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge to provide the best care to our loved ones. Besides compromising the quality of life of our loved ones, it can be stressful for the caregiver as well.

In such cases, the best option may be to make suitable end-of-life care arrangements and engage the help of trained professionals.

From modifying the home to pain management and providing emotional support to both you and your loved ones, having a professional nurse or caregiver specialised and experienced in end-of-life care can improve the quality of your loved one and help you navigate your care journey.

Cost of End-of-Life Care in Malaysia

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Daily Living Care

as low as
RM 30 /hour*
By trained local caregivers

Nursing Care

as low as
RM 36 /hour*
By local licensed nurses
Looking for long-hour care support? Save more with our care packages for multiple sessions! Get connected with our Care Advisors to find out more.

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Top questions about End-of-Life Care

Service FAQ

Are palliative, hospice and end-of-life care the same?

While palliative, hospice and end-of-life care provides comfort and aims to improve the quality of life of those battling life-threatening illnesses, they are not exactly the same.

Hospice care, also known as end-of-life care, happens when the goal is no longer to treat and recover from the condition but to improve quality of life and live life to the fullest for their remaining days.

Palliative care encompasses end-of-life or hospice care but is not only for people who are terminally ill. A person can be undergoing treatment to cure their condition while getting palliative care at the same time, to cope with the symptoms of the illness or treatment.

How long does end-of-life care last?

The length of end-of-life care varies from person to person, and may last a few days, months or even years. In general, end-of-life care is suitable in situations where death is imminent.

Does Homage provide 24-hour end-of-life care?

Yes, we do provide 24-hour end-of-life home care services. Two Homage Care Professionals will be scheduled for the visits, and care will be split into 12-hour shifts to support you and your loved one round-the-clock each day.

Who are the Homage Care Professionals?

Homage Care Professionals are individuals who are passionate and dedicated to delivering quality elderly care to families and care recipients. 100% local, they are trained caregivers and licensed nurses from all walks of life.

How fast will I receive the end-of-life care service?

Once you have confirmed that you will like to engage a Homage Care Professional for end-of-life care services, we can match you or your loved one with a suitable Care Professional as fast as within 5 working days.

What are Homage end-of-life care packages?

We have interim to longer-term care packages with varying care durations so that you and your loved one can find a care package that best fits your needs and preferences. Care packages can also help save more on multiple care sessions!

What is the shortest duration for an end-of-life care visit?

The duration of a Homage care visit for end-of-life care starts from just one hour, depending on the family’s preferences and your loved one’s needs.

What our customers say

Help during the pandemic

The team has been sublime to work with albeit having to temporarily halt engaging them for care services due to the pandemic situation now in Malaysia. All teething issues in the initial phase of engagement were swiftly addressed and satisfactorily so. Special shoutout to Shirley from Homage who has been responding promptly to all my queries and requests (and went far and beyond my expectations with her actions in all counts).

Wong Voon Bing
Highly recommended care when I'm away

My father had a fall recently and sustained a hip fracture. Living overseas and not being able to travel back home to assist with recovery was very worrying. A friend recommended Homage to help with his nursing care. They are prompt in replying to messages. The care provided was excellent and highly professional. We have been very pleased with the service. There are times when we had to change the appointment time and they obliged and looked into our needs.

Anisa Aisha
Positive experience

Our experience has been very positive. So far, we have used their Care Pros perhaps 10 times (for checking in on mum) and she has been nothing short of kind and supportive. The coordinator Bel has also been a great help since day one. I find the price to be reasonable. Love the reporting feature on their app. You could see what has been done during the visit. It’s worth trying out.

Adelaine Yeo
My gratitude and appreciation

My 85-year-old mother, who underwent post-ventral incisional hernia surgery in January 2019 had CPs from Homage, all professionally trained, from leading Malaysian hospitals. The CPs nursed my mother with diligence, and compassion; providing invaluable tips on elderly caregiving to family members. My gratitude and appreciation to Team Homage.

Azwan Shahuddin
Definitely one of the best!

I had positive experiences with Homage so far. They are flexible, affordable, and professional. The coordinator from Homage has been very helpful and accommodating to my request since day one. Caregivers assigned to take care of my grandmother are punctual, professionally trained and attentive. Hope they will continue to serve well.

Kamilah Barvin
Comprehensive physiotherapy program

Homage has helped us a lot in assisting the recovery of our beloved father. They provide us with a comprehensive explanation regarding the physiotherapy program. The therapist they sent is highly qualified, courteous, passionate, and gave outstanding service. And above all, the charges are fair and affordable.

Farizal Anam
Guidance for my domestic helper

Thank you Homage for your assistance after my mom was discharged from the hospital due to dengue fever. Mom regained her confidence to take her first shower after discharge with the help of Homage's caregiver, something my domestic helper will not be able to do. Also to guide my domestic helper to handle her in a more hygienic way. My maid learned the proper method and able to give better care to mom now. Highly recommend it to people who looking for professional care services to manage family members who need help.

Jenny Lim
Hassle-free swab test

It's really hassle-free when u can have the COVID-19 swab test without leaving ur home. The response is really fast, the app is efficient. Thank you for your services.

Sofia Mustaffa
Overall a good team work

I want to thank Homage for their excellent service especially Ms. Ginger for her brilliant communication and customer service and for making the necessary arrangements. She does a good follow-up before and after the physio, also accurate feed-back. We appreciate Ms. Shu for her excellent physio service which made my mother gain confidence that she can walk again. Ms. Shu is very patient, hard-working, and committed to seeing my mum will be completely restored and healed. Thank you.

Paul Mahendran
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Make Home Care Personal To Your Loved One

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