Caregiving and Fasting: A Ramadan Experience of a Perak Caregiver

Despite initial opposition from her family, Nurul pursued a career in caregiving and shared how her passion for caring for the community continues even during the holy month of Ramadan.

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Care Pro Spotlight: Nurul Jasminah

Having a steadfast spirit and bright demeanour, fasting or not is just like any other day for Nurul Jasminah. Even with the role of a mum to 4 kids, Nurul goes beyond the four walls of her home to provide caregiving services for the community, even during the holy month of Ramadan.

How does she manage to fast while carrying out her duties? Read on to find out more!

How did you begin your career as a professional caregiver?

Nursing was one of the courses I wanted to pursue after high school but did not get the chance to fulfill. I got accepted to do nursing in a neighbouring country but was opposed by my family back then. 

During the MCO lockdown period, I got to know about Homage through Facebook. I jumped to grab the opportunity to do what I am passionate about. The hardest part was convincing my family which they did not agree at first but gave in at last to my passion. 

Was there a memorable encounter you had with the Homage care owners or care recipients that you hold close to your heart? 

The most memorable story would be about providing care to Mdm Maimunah. She was an Alzheimer’s patient. 

At first, I was scared because whenever she got agitated, she would start scolding me and would occasionally be aggressive toward me. However, I braved myself through and looked up more information about the disease. I wanted to learn more about her behaviour. Eventually, I liked taking her visits and knew her well enough to give her better care. 

I miss her now since she got transferred to another state. Her daughter was kind enough to let me visit Mdm Maimunah whenever I am in her state. 

Have you ever come across someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s? In Malaysia alone, it is reported that about 123,000 individuals were diagnosed with dementia in 2015 and that number is set to triple in the next 12 years. Learn more about Dementia to understand the symptoms, challenges, and preventions.

How your life is like as a mother of 4 while also working as a caregiver for others?

My kids are all grown up and working. I have one kid who is working remotely from home. Time management is very important for me. How I divide my time is according to my work schedule. I do my cooking the night before, make sure my family’s meals and needs are taken care of.

Caregiving during Ramadan

Fasting or not is just like any other day to me.

During Ramadan, how do you balance your work responsibilities with your own spiritual and personal needs during Ramadan?

Fasting does not hinder me from performing my duties. During Ramadan, I cook ahead before attending my visits. I give my best to the patients that I am attending. Most of the patients understand that I am fasting and working, and they too are concerned about us as caregivers. 

How has your experience fasting during Ramadan helped you develop skills or qualities that are useful in your role as a caregiver?

During Ramadan, time management is key for me to have the energy to carry on with my visits. 

What difficulties do you experience during Ramadan as a caregiver, and how do you handle them? 

The only difficulties that I face during Ramadan are breaking fast on the go, and trying not to trouble and worry the patients. Their main concern is whether I have had my meal.

Ramadan is a month of prayer, introspection, and most significantly, fasting. Check out these useful tips and resources for healthy and safe fasting for your body and mind!

How do you keep your energy levels up at work while fasting during Ramadan?

I am basically a very energetic person, fasting or not is just like any other day to me.

What are some tips or words of encouragement you can share with other caregivers who fast during Ramadan, especially those who are just starting out in the field?

I would just say, it’s not difficult to take visits while one is fasting. Start with taking short visits first and give some time in between for a short rest.

Tips to share are to read the care summary and do research about their condition before attending the visit.  No matter how old or young one is, caregiving is like community service to me. One earns and at the same time helps the community. This is one way of giving back to society.

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