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Banker turned Nurse: Woman in Her 60s Found The Value of Life Through Caregiving

17 years in the banking industry later, Bhanumathi took a leap of faith in nursing and found her true passion and meaning of care. Read the full story here on how her caregiving continues to make a positive impact to those in need one household at a time.

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4 Years of Caregiving for Malaysians

A company has a name but it is its people that give it meaning. As we celebrate Homage Malaysia’s 4th Anniversary this year, we invite 3 Homage Care Professionals who have joined the team since its inception to share their caregiving journey 4 years on.

homage care professional Bhanu sharing her caregiving journey with Homage Malaysia

Meet Bhanumathi (Bhanu), a nurse who took a leap of faith and did a huge career switch from a banker to a nurse in her 40s. After almost 2 decades in the banking industry, she flew to Perth, Australia to pursue nursing. She worked in a hospital and an aged care centre there, and later returned to her homeland and has been taking care of seniors with Homage ever since.

I made a big career switch in my 4os. It was a crazy decision with a lot of hurdles and challenges along the journey but I just went for it! I always believed that age is just a number and how we see our perspectives of life individually.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur in a strict parenting background where education was my parents’ priority. Dad worked in the Ministry of Defence and his disciplinary attributes were of utmost importance to him. Until we completed high school, we were not given opportunities to be involved with any outdoor activities. After completing high school then I had an opportunity to join a club to play field hockey. I was selected to represent Wilayah Persekutuan and I was so proud of myself. However, I was not able to take that on as I had an opportunity to pursue my studies abroad. When I returned, I joined a consulting firm and then moved on to the banking industry for 17 years until I heard an inner voice calling out to me saying that “it’s time to move on”. That voice was of my late dad who always wanted me to be a nurse but that profession however was not of my interest. Even though I was already in my 40s, I decided to change my profession from a banker to a nurse. I am so very grateful and owe it to my parents who taught me about determination, discipline, and a positive attitude in whatever I do. My siblings and I are what we are today because of my parents.

What inspired you to join this line of work and eventually Homage?

When I returned from Australia due to unforeseen circumstances, I took a short break. When I decided to get back to the workforce, I was looking for a part-time job and I came across Homage. The flexibility and visit arrangements fitted me perfectly. What inspired me to be in this line of work is that I am a people person; I’m compassionate, patient, and always out to help people in need wherever I can.

Share with us your caregiving journey in Homage – how was it like when you first started as compared to now?

When I started with Homage, I thought it was not going to be an easy journey but I always take on challenges to do things differently. Though I have done community nursing in Australia, it was a different kind of challenge here. However, I enjoyed every minute of my job and I still am enjoying the journey here with Homage and the care recipients. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment when I leave the care recipients’ residences at the end of the day, having them say “thank you for coming and see you again”, “you have been brought up well” and etc truly makes my day.

What are some of your favourite memories or experiences while working here?

The memories created with the families are immensely memorable to date. I am able to share so many laughs and chats with the care recipients and get them to participate in activities enthusiastically. And with Homage, they have been supportive whenever I needed assistance.

There might be no cure for what the patient has developed, but the assurance and care that I can give to provide a quality life for their remaining years is valuable to me.

Can you share 1-2 challenges you faced in your role and how you overcame them?

I do not really face many challenges during my visits but I remember a male care recipient who refuses to get out of bed. He insisted to be left alone and shut himself out as he had given up on himself after losing his wife. After persuasion and consoling for over an hour, he decided to get up. During that situation, I spoke to him like my dad would and through the compassion that I showed, he teared up when he opened his eyes. He got emotional as he was feeling lonely. I spent the extra time off my visit and took him out for a walk outside his house. This made a difference to him and he felt valued as an elderly.

What do you think sets your career apart from others?

What sets it apart is being passionate about what I do. It is very fulfilling to see the progress of the care recipients’ behaviour change for the better. There might be no cure for what the patient has developed, but the assurance and care that I can give to provide a quality life for their remaining years is valuable to me.

How has working as a healthcare professional changed you as a person?

The healthcare profession has made me realise the value of life and the importance of taking care of myself. I had neglected to practice self-care and always put others before myself. Through this journey, I learnt that I would not be able to take care of my loved ones or perform my job with 100% if I do not first care for myself.

What is the biggest learning from providing care in a home setting?

I strongly believe that providing care at home has a personalised effect. I am able to spend more quality time with the care recipients in the comfort of their loving environment which they worked hard to have a roof over them and provide for their families. Taking this away from them would deprive them of the love of their loved ones. We ought to keep them comfortable as much as possible.

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What advice would you give to someone considering a career in the caregiving industry?

Anyone who would like to take caregiving as a career should have patience, are physically and emotionally strong, and most importantly be respectful in order to build rapport with the patient and their family members. Empathy in handling traumatic situations, treating them like your own, and being warm with a good sense of humour will definitely make a difference.

What is your hope for the company in the healthcare industry in the years to come?

I know Homage is doing great and have earned the recognition it deserves. I will continue my journey with Homage as much as possible as this platform has given me opportunities to make a difference in the care recipients’ lives, making them comfortable for the remaining years of their lives.

It is essential for the company to continue to offer feedback for improvements, motivate carers by recognizing their work, and build a community for healthcare professionals to gather and discuss shared experiences.

All in all, Homage is able to provide me with the flexibility that I need. I am able to accept a job based on my availability without risking my income and my time is no longer constrained. I get to learn so much more about caregiving outside of postnatal care and meet new people. I can also continuously contribute to society, which is not something everyone gets to experience while working.


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