When Tech Meets the Elderly

PC Gan, Country Manager for Homage Malaysia and Gillian Tee, Founder and CEO of Homage based out of Singapore discuss the necessity of home-based health care and how the pandemic has evolved the operations in this country.

by Homage team

This podcast first appeared on the BFM Podcast: Open For Business

Podcast Summary: 1 out of 12 Malaysians is an older person, and the numbers of older persons are likely to increase to 11% of the Malaysian population, at 3.3 million people by 2020.  Between 2020 and 2046, Malaysia’s 65+ population will double from 7% to 14%. Homage is a tech company that provides on-demand holistic non-medical and medical services to seniors and adults, allowing them to age and recover at home with grace, control and dignity.

Podcast Timestamp:

  • 01:49 How it all started
  • 07:15 How expansion to other countries began
  • 12:30 How are care needs different between Singapore and Malaysia
  • 14:34 How are needs different based on market maturity
  • 18:25 How Homage provides care
  • 20:45 What are the considerations for getting senior care
  • 21:55 How does Homage work with healthcare organisations and nursing homes
  • 23:10 How does collaborative efforts differ in Singapore & Australia
  • 28:12 What has been the learning experience for the past 2 years

Produced and presented by: Freda Liu



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