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The Future of Aged Care Facilities: Improving Regulation and Quality of Care in Malaysia

How are aged care facilities regulated to ensure quality care? What challenges are being faced by aged care operators? We answer these questions here.

by Raihan Rahman

“In Malaysia, there are an estimated 1700 nursing homes around the country but only 361 are licensed”, says Mr. Delren from AGECOPE (Association for Residential Aged Care Operators of Malaysia). With old-time regulations still being practiced and authorities governing aged care facilities on a state or city level, more operators are finding it difficult to gain the necessary permit to operate legally and providing the best care for seniors.

Mr. Delren also shares more on the challenges aged care operators are facing, how facilities are regulated to ensure quality aged care, and AGECOPE’s role in mediating the relationship between aged care facilities and the state or federal government.

Mr. Delren Douglas is the current President of AGECOPE and prior to advocating for home care operators, Mr. Delren had experience in the banking industry as an auditor and later worked for 2 members of Parliament. He is currently managing 2 of his own care homes in Kedah.

[00:30] What is AGECOPE? | [08:40] Are there any policies in place to regulate the staff or operators of aged care facilities? | [08:58] Who is responsible to ensure the welfare of the residents in these facilities? | [10:03] How can we influence and enhance the current regulation to improve the quality of living for these residents? | [14:29] Has there been an increase in the number of residents going into nursing homes during the pandemic? | [14:46] Has recent unemployment affect people’s ability to afford nursing homes? | [17:00] What are your thoughts on the phases of vaccination in Malaysia?

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