Rewarding Career with Homage

Whether you’re just starting out in the workforce, or are looking for a career change, being a caregiver is a unique way to serve others. Discover how Care Pro Melvin is pursuing a rewarding career with Homage while concurrently attaining all of his personal and professional goals!

by Nureen Imaan

Care Pro Spotlight: Melvin Ngumbang

There are many reasons why someone chooses to become a caregiver: they have been taking care of a family member and discovered their strengths in being compassionate; they are pursuing a career in nursing or a related medical field and want some practical experience; they enjoy taking care of others and forming deep human relationships through rewarding career; or even all of these at once, which seems to be the case for our Care Pro, Melvin!

Scroll down to find out how Melvin is pursuing a meaningful career with Homage while simultaneously achieving all his personal and professional goals!

Get to know Melvin!

Melvin’s professional background has always been in the service industry, which has assisted him in developing the interpersonal skills necessary for this caregiving position. Prior to this, he worked as a customer service representative and as a part-time e-hailing driver. He likes to play console games with unique plotlines and enjoys watching movies, especially sci-fi and action ones. In addition, he develops plastic model packs, which has advanced into his brief side business for the present as a side pay while satisfying his enthusiasm in designing and assembling model units.

Why did you choose to work with Homage despite having a completely different background?

My personal experience with my late grandfather was what led me to choose to work with Homage. He passed away before I had a chance to spend enough time with him so this is how I can honor him and make up for the time I didn’t get to spend with him.

Another important factor in my decision to go down this road with Homage is my parents.

My own parents are not growing any younger. They’re the only ones left after my grandparents passed away. I must learn all the necessary skills through Homage in order to take care of them on my own in the future.

-Care Pro Melvin

Coming from the servicing line, what have you learnt in the past that you’re able to apply in your current role as a caregiver?

Being in the customer servicing line has taught me to always treat people with respect and kindness. You never know what they’re going through behind the curtains. 

The contacts I have with my patients now that I’m a caregiver are far more personal than they were when I was in the service line. One of the main tenets of good health, especially for seniors, is maintaining frequent contact with friends, family, and other secure relationships. In order to provide them with the greatest care while ensuring that they recover gracefully at home, I would make sure to establish a bond with them that would allow me to connect with them on a soul-to-soul level.

What kind of activities do you usually do with the seniors to spend time with them?

Connections are so valuable, and it is our experiences with each other that allow us to build and foster relationships. For me, the hardest regrets are those that we cannot alter, as was the case with my late grandpa and myself in the past, which is why I am making every effort to avoid making the same mistake again. Most of the elderlies usually love to talk a lot about their past. This is how I spend time with my patients and create new lasting memories, while revisiting cherished old ones. 

Although it may appear insignificant to us, it has a huge impact on them.

-Care Pro Melvin

Can you describe a time you have gone above and beyond for the seniors and what motivated you to do so for the seniors you care for?

There was once a customer who was confined to a wheelchair and had trouble standing. When I arrived that morning, I greeted his wife and noticed that he was still in bed. I helped him stand up so he could use his walker then helped him to the bathroom so he could take a morning shower. I helped him with everything up till his hygiene and then we spent some time chatting only about his interest in gardening. He was overjoyed that someone was open to hearing all about his hobby. Being bedridden all the time made him lonely, so it is good to have someone to converse to and spend time just listening to him. This particular patient reminded me of my late grandpa, with whom I did not get to spend a lot of time with. It was wonderful that I was able to develop a relationship with my patient in which we felt like we were family.

I would also initiate basic tasks like raking, seed placement and watering as well since he likes gardening and doesn’t have the physical strength and agility to do more advanced gardening activities. 

The smile and joy reflected on my patient’s face was priceless and mattered more than anything. Knowing that it would make my patients happy was what motivated me all along, and it’s the best feeling ever.

-Care Pro Melvin

​​What do you find to be most rewarding about being a caregiver with Homage?

Caring for a senior or person who needs assistance throughout the day can prove to be challenging, but it can also provide meaningful personal rewards. 

Being a caregiver allows me to care for my patients which I was unable to with my late grandfather which is one of the most satisfying aspects of my job.

This occupation is honorable and satisfying as I regularly get the opportunity to assist others. Caring has a direct  impact to the  clients’ quality of life through the services and assistance that a caregiver offers. This alone can make the hard work and dedication well worth it!

-Care Pro Melvin

​​If you can give one piece of advice to all the caregivers out there to motivate them to be as driven as you, what would it be?

All I can say is, do it wholeheartedly. Remember that every action and service have a direct impact on the seniors you are caring for. Their development and improvement will all be worth it in the end!

-Care Pro Melvin

Offering Primary Caregivers Respite and Support

Homage has many caregivers from different walks of life with the common goal to help seniors and adults in their road to recovery. Our home care and support is aimed at empowering them to continue living healthy, fulfilling lives. At Homage, working as a Care Professional grants you a wide array of opportunities and advantages:

  • Stay flexible with a better work-life balance as a freelance, part-time or full-time Care Professional
  • Receive a stable income or competitive salary package that corresponds to their knowledge, skillset, and experience
  • Gain opportunities to work with us regularly and tier up in your career pathway as a Care Professional
  • Upgrade your skills with holistic and specialised training and certifications from our training partners and in-house specialists
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