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#MyCareJourney: Caregiving Stories with Homage Care Professionals

Each caregiver has a journey of their own. We asked our Homage Care Professionals to share their caregiving stories and here’s what Care Pro Lydiawati, Emily and Chin Qiao had to say about their care journey with Homage.

by Homage team

Caregiving Stories with Homage Care Professionals

In the recent nationwide #MyCareJourney campaign, our team asked our Homage Care Professionals to share their most heartwarming and memorable caregiving moments with us. This is with the hopes to inspire more Care Professionals out there in their own Homage care journey.

Are you a budding professional in the healthcare or medical industry looking to make a difference in the lives of individuals? There were so many unique stories out there and we had a hard time picking them! Here are the top 3 #MyCareJourney stories that we love.

Lydiawati Rusli, Selangor, #MyCareJourney Winner

care pro pic

In the picture: Care Pro Lydiawati

Why did you join Homage?

As a graduate with a Master’s in Advanced Care in Dementia, joining Homage as a professional caregiver was a calling for me. My educational background which matched the profession and my passion for caring for others — especially seniors in need — simply solidified my desire to pursue a career with Homage.

One of the best features of Homage is its flexibility. Each Care Visit can be selected based on expertise, time and the condition of the elderly. Homage provides Care Professionals with the freedom to provide the best assignments and services according to their own abilities and desires. 

Care Pro Lydiawati

What is the most impactful or memorable experience you had taking care of a Care Recipient?

I still remember the memories I shared with the late Madam H*, a former Care Recipient that I had the pleasure of meeting when I first joined Homage. She was a calm and quiet woman but taught me so much about the meaning of life. Ageing is an inevitable part of life and we will one day meet our Maker but Madam H* assured me that as long as we are kind and helpful to those in need in our younger years, there will be kind souls to protect you as you age.

I will never forget the call I received from Madam H*’s helper informing me of her passing. Even though I cared for her occasionally, her passing was a tough pill to swallow. The memories with Madam H* will always be etched in my memory and serve as a reminder that as long as we are able to care for our families, we should do our part to be there for them. As the saying goes, “Tomorrow is never promised, so love and appreciate the people who are in your life.”

RIP Madam H*
August 1937 – June 2021

*names have been initialled for confidentiality

Emily Lim, #MyCareJourney Runner-Up

After learning more about the role from the Homage website and watching the inspiring videos from existing Care Professionals, Emily knew immediately that this was something she wanted to pursue.

I was inspired by the Care Professionals sharing their stories and told myself I want to be one of them. I applied to become a Care Professional right away and Homage called me the very next day! I truly feel honoured to be a part of Homage and live out my passion as a professional caregiver to give back to others.

– Care Pro Emily Lim

What is it like working with Homage?

For me, starting my career with Homage has been the first step on the road to self-discovery. On top of following my passion to make a difference in people’s lives, I’ve also learned a lot about myself during my care visits. Interacting with seniors on a regular basis has strengthened my connection with my parents since I am more sensitive and listen with an empathetic mind while conversing with them. I’ve also found new hobbies and interests while engaging with seniors that I would never have tried otherwise.

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How would you describe your most impactful experience as a Care Pro?

My journey as a Care Professional hasn’t always been easy. Some days I lose my way looking for the Care Recipients’ homes in unfamiliar neighbourhoods, causing me to be late to my visits. 

I remember a time when I was assisting a patient with Parkinson’s and a fear of falling. His companion instructed me to stand close and support his back as he attempted to stand. Once I observed that he was able to support himself, I gradually let go so that he could regain confidence in standing by himself. However, his companion misunderstood my approach. Nevertheless, I chose to stand firm in my approach and carefully explained to her that I was supporting him in overcoming his fears. Today, I am glad to see that he is progressing well and could even practise his tai chi

At the end of the day, what keeps me going is knowing that I can make a difference in the lives of these seniors no matter how small. It touches my heart knowing that some of these seniors do sincerely appreciate engaging activities with me and have been anticipating my visits.

care pro 2

In the picture: One of our Care Pros in action

Chin Qiao Xin, #MyCareJourney Second Runner-Up

How has Homage helped you to maximise your income?

As a nursing student, I first joined Homage so I could earn additional side income while waiting for my Lembaga Jururawat Malaysia (LJM) examination. This experience has helped me fulfill my financial commitments. I can pay for my university and reserve some savings to reduce the burden on my family.

Through the visits, I have gained experience in caring for people with different medical conditions. My relationships with Care Recipients grow with each visit. When they tell me that they enjoy having me around to take care of them, I feel very touched. It inspires and brings me joy to see them happy and recovering well.

– Care Pro Chin Qiao Xin

How has working with Homage shaped your professional or personal journey as a Care Professional?

Although I already had an internship experience at a hospital where I took care of patients, being a Care Professional with Homage has given me a whole new experience. For one, joining Homage has helped me gain a sense of accomplishment. It fuelled my passion for taking care of those in need and helping them to live well.

One prime example was a Care Recipient that I assisted with rehabilitation and daily activities everyday. We would chat, watch movies and exercise together until her full recovery. Eventually, she went from walking with crutches to walking confidently on her own. I was so happy to watch her fully recover.

Being a Care Professional also gives me the privilege of conversing with these Care Recipients and hearing their many wonderful stories about their lives. It brings me true joy to be able to establish a relationship with them and I feel honoured knowing that they could trust me.

Offering Primary Caregivers Respite and Support

Homage has many caregivers from different walks of life with the common goal to help seniors and adults in their road to recovery. Our home care and support is aimed at empowering them to continue living healthy, fulfilling lives. At Homage, working as a Care Professional grants you a wide array of opportunities and advantages:

  • Stay flexible with a better work-life balance as a freelance, part-time or full-time Care Professional
  • Receive a stable income or competitive salary package that corresponds to their knowledge, skillset, and experience
  • Gain opportunities to work with us regularly and tier up in your career pathway as a Care Professional
  • Upgrade your skills with holistic and specialised training and certifications from our training partners and in-house specialists
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