A Merdeka Feature With Amrit Kaur, a Homage Care Professional

Say hello to Amrit Kaur, who was born on Hari Merdeka on the 31st of August. A Care Professional with Homage, Amrit talks about her life growing up sharing a birthday with our nation and why she decided to take the first step to start her career as a nurse.

by Deborah Yaw

1. What was it like growing up a Merdeka baby?

I remember August was always the month we would have a mega-sale in shopping malls! It felt like all the malls were celebrating my birthday. Other than the sales, it was fun growing up as a Merdeka baby. I always felt special that my birthday was on a National Day which was also a public holiday. A teacher of mine once told me in school to be proud that I was born on such a historical day.

2. What do you love about being a Malaysian?

The best thing about being a Malaysian is even with the diversity and differences in cultures coming together, we accept each other as who we truly are— Malaysians. I realized Malaysians are so accepting of one another, everyone is very respectful of each other’s cultures, and at times we celebrate it like it is our own culture! For me, that is the beauty of being a Malaysian.

3. Why did you decide to become a nurse?

I come from a family of nurses, but it was my aunt who inspired me to become a nurse. When she flies over from America to visit us in Malaysia, I was always so fascinated to hear her stories and how she worked so hard to become the nurse she is today. She made me realize that nurses are the backbones of the hospitals and she told me it wasn’t easy to become one in the first place.

Once, I remember her saying, “Don’t become a nurse if you don’t have the heart to see pain because you are your patient’s support.” And to this day, I’ve held on to those words, and it has proven to be very true. She’s the main reason I decided to become a nurse, in hopes of saving as many lives as I can.

4. Tell us more about how you became a caregiver with Homage

I came across Homage through a Facebook ad last year. I never knew that there was a service app for caregivers. But when I signed up for Homage, I notice how organized it was to provide excellent services to the elderly. Homage provided a lot of smooth visits for me since I started. As a Care Pro, they answered to all my needs and doubts. One thing I learned from Homage is that being a caregiver is not easy at all, but the journey to becoming one is easy when we professionals have a good support system.

5. What would your advice be to all Malaysians out there caring for their senior loved ones – grandparents, parents or close relatives?

One thing that never failed to amuse me was the love my clients had for their loved ones. No matter how impossible the situation might have seemed but they still pulled through every single day. Growing old is not easy, it takes a toll on the seniors physically, emotionally, and mentally.

My advice is to just listen, be attentive to their likes and needs. Providing a comfortable quality of life is the best we can do for the seniors. From what I’ve seen during my visits, it can be challenging but at the same time, a blessing to care for others.

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