CP Geetha -International Women's Day

IWD 2023: Empowering Women in Healthcare through Technology

From juggling multiple responsibilities to breaking barriers, women face many challenges in today's world. Join us as we uncover the inspiring stories of women like Geetha who are harnessing the power of technology to conquer challenges and improve lives.

by Nureen Imaan

Care Pro Spotlight: Geetha Kencatheran

In today’s fast-paced world, women often confront the daunting task of balancing numerous responsibilities. Fortunately, technology offers a range of possibilities to simplify their lives and increase their efficiency. In conjunction with International Women’s Day this year, join us as we explore how women like Geetha are using technology to overcome these challenges and improve lives as a woman in healthcare.

Meet Geetha


CP Geeths

Geetha is a powerhouse of a woman who has been juggling a career in the corporate world for 28 years, all while being the sole breadwinner for her family, taking care of her elderly mother with diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and asthma, and tending to her stroke-stricken husband with kidney issues. She’s also a mother to two teenage boys who keep her on her toes.

Despite facing several challenges, she remains a joyful and precise person who is passionate about what she does. She believes that nothing is impossible, as long as one puts their mind, soul, and heart into it.

How do you think the integration of tech with healthcare can have an impact on care being more reachable and accessible to more families out there?

The integration of technology with healthcare has the potential to revolutionise the way healthcare is delivered and make it more accessible to families worldwide. With the advancements in technology, people can now access healthcare services from the comfort of their homes, making it easier for those living in remote areas to get the care they need. – Care Pro Geetha

Overall, the integration of technology with healthcare has the potential to improve access to care, reduce healthcare costs, and increase the efficiency of healthcare services. By using technology to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers, more families will be able to receive the care they need regardless of their location, status, or other barriers that may prevent them from accessing traditional healthcare services.

As a woman in healthcare, how do you think tech in healthcare like Homage can provide more opportunities to people of different backgrounds, i.e. single mums, retirees, as side job, etc?

Tech in healthcare, such as Homage, has the potential to provide more opportunities for people of different backgrounds, including single mothers, retirees, and those looking for side jobs. Homage, a platform that connects patients with caregivers, creates a flexible work environment that enables individuals to work on their terms.

For example, single mothers can take advantage of Homage’s flexible scheduling to balance work and family responsibilities. Retirees who want to supplement their income can also work as caregivers and share their life experience and knowledge with patients. Moreover, people who want to have a side job or explore a new career path can use Homage as a stepping stone to enter the healthcare industry.

By empowering individuals to work on their terms and providing training and education opportunities, Homage and other similar platforms can help bridge the gap between people of different backgrounds and the healthcare industry, enabling everyone to benefit from the growth of the industry.

What do you think can be done to make women out there to make full use of the technology that we have to improve lives?

To ensure women make full use of technology to improve their lives, it is essential to address the barriers preventing them from accessing and using technology. This can be achieved through education programs, affordable access to technology, addressing gender biases and stereotypes, mentorship and support, and creating female-friendly technology. By taking these steps, women can gain the skills and knowledge they need to use technology effectively and take advantage of its benefits to improve their lives and those of their families and communities, especially those in healthcare.

What’s a word of empowerment/encouragement to women in her situation/out there?

Embrace your individuality as a woman and use your unique strengths to shine. – Care Pro Geetha

Believe in yourself and your abilities, because with determination and effort, anything is achievable. Remember, imperfection is part of being human, so don’t let it hold you back. Be independent and strive for success, knowing that you have the power to overcome any obstacle.


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