Caregiving and Living with Breast Cancer

Hear the inspiring story and experience of Kim Foong that we hope will inspire others out there who may be going through a similar dilemma.

by Raihan Rahman

The juggling act for many women is common but dividing one’s time with multiple roles at home, at work whilst also battling cancer is a different fight altogether. In our first-ever live edition of the Homage Web Series, we’re speaking to Kim Foong Lim, a breast cancer survivor who was recently diagnosed during the pandemic and how she juggles multiple roles as a caregiver for her loved ones while also receiving treatment for her fight against cancer.

[04:00] Could you share a little bit about yourself and your diagnosis? | [10:15] After your diagnosis, how did you cope with taking care of yourself and your elderly mother? | [12:30] What were your concerns with sending your mother to a nursing home? | [13:50] How could have others better support you during your cancer treatment or even now as a breast cancer survivor? | [17:35] How did your mother handle the news of your cancer diagnosis? | [22:50] What was one thing that kept you going throughout your chemo sessions while giving care for your parents at the same time? | [27:27] Do you view life differently now? Have your priorities changed compared to before? | [30:15] What advice would you give other people out there caring for themselves, their family and also their parents? | [32:52] How do you juggle and know when to prioritise care for yourself and care for your parent? | [34:30] Did you encounter anything or anyone special during all those times you spent in the hospital? | [41:12] What did you do to navigate your emotions? How long did it take for you to build up your confidence? | [46:16] What are you looking forward to doing most in the future?

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