Cakap-cakap with Our Homage Care Pros

Tune in as we talk to our Care Pros about caregiving and what it takes to care for others.

by Deborah Yaw

In this special year-end edition of our final Homage Web Series of the year, we pay homage to the very individuals who are at the heart of Homage. Tune in for this special edition of Cakap Cakap with Our Care Pros as we glean on some nuggets of wisdom and life lessons together with Anthony, Rohani and Bibiana. 

[00:22] What were you doing before you were a Care Pro? | [02:22] If you could go back in time, would you have gotten into caregiving at an earlier age? | [06:34] How would you want to be taken care of in the future? | [09:25] Do you think being an older Care Pro gives you a better perspective? | [12:26] What would your advice be for younger Care Pros or individuals out there who are caring for their senior loved ones right now?

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