Celebrating 3 Years of Care with Homage Malaysia

Homage Malaysia is proud to celebrate our 3rd year of care in this country! We asked our earliest Homagers on how things have changed since Homage first started in 2019.

by Raihan Rahman

Taking Care of Malaysians, since 2019

Homage is celebrating our 3rd year of care here in Malaysia!

We’re very proud to reach this milestone and as a way to celebrate, we spoke to some of our earliest Homagers to share what it was like in the beginning…

Q: Tell us about how you started with Homage?

PC Gan: Prior to joining Homage, I had little understanding of the concept of home care services. When I first spoke with Gillian, our founder, I realised that I lacked the patience and competency to care for my senior loved ones in the long run. I felt compelled to help those, like myself, who are caring for elderly parents while juggling other aspects of their lives, such as a career or their own children. One of the first aspects of our services that I focused on was ensuring that every Care Professional is trained and qualified to the level at which I would feel comfortable to engage for my own loved ones.

PC Gan, Homage MY Country Manager

Q: What was the biggest obstacle you faced early on?

Belvinder Kaur: Early on, we found it difficult to educate the general public on the concept of home care services and how we can help to be a support system for families. Especially when we started back in 2019, Malaysians were more accustomed to the conventional brick and mortar facilities such as nursing homes and hospitals. Given that we provided care for as little as 1 hour, it was also a matter of convincing families that we can provide impactful care for their loved ones even in the short term. We spent a lot of the early days investing time in educating the public on finding balance in caregiving while ensuring that families do not feel financially burdened by getting care.

Belvinder Kaur, Homage MY Operations Manager

Q: Homage has changed quite a bit since 2019, could you describe it in its early days in Malaysia?

Ooi Boon Han: The same way a child grows up to a teenager, Homage has grown a lot since we started in 2019. While we do things a bit differently now, what has stayed the same is the priority we give to the families we serve and making sure that they get the best care possible. 

In the early days, everyone played a part in everything. Whether it was finding the perfect Care Professional for a family or even reaching out to the families to reassure them that care is on the way. Deep down I believe that we all felt a responsibility for the families we were in touch with and from what I can tell today, the attitude hasn’t changed one bit.

Ooi Boon Han, Homage MY Strategy & Special Projects (sitting second from the right)

Q: What kind of growth are you proud of or achieved with Homage?

Yi Huey Wong: Coming from the Northern team, I’m very proud to see how far we’ve come since 3 years ago. In 2019, we were only serving families in KL, Selangor and Penang. 3 years later, Homage is now available in 6 different states! We have really come a long way. As a Care Specialist, I’m also thrilled that all our Care Professionals are now insured!

Yi Huey Wong, Northern Care Specialist Lead

Q: What’s the biggest difference that you see from 2-3 years ago?

Deborah Yaw: Apart from how we have 10x in numbers since we started with the founding team, we’ve also seen how the team has worked and rallied together to raise the bar in Malaysia’s healthcare space, even throughout the pandemic to go from Malaysians not knowing about the existence of home care to seeing people look up for home care.

It’s been a journey made better with colleagues who are able to support one another and a solid culture of empathy and kindness, while always staying focused to look ahead for what’s to come.

Deborah Yaw, Homage MY Head of Marketing (first from right)

Q: How does it feel seeing Homage hitting its 3rd year?

Belvinder Kaur: It certainly gives me comfort and joy knowing that we are making a difference, big and small, in our community. Now, more and more people are reaching out to explore and learn more about home care. This is truly a big step for us as a nation as certain communities still hold the belief that getting outside help is frowned upon. I am very proud of how much we have grown, both my team and the entire company and especially how we have remained grounded in our mission to provide the best care for families here in Malaysia.

Q: What are your plans for 2022 and beyond?

PC Gan: For me, the start of the COVID-19 pandemic was a real eye-opener on the need for reliable health care services in this country. One of the primary aims of healthcare accessibility is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to seek medical assistance, to the point where you no longer need to leave your house to do so.

Looking at our vaccination programme, many seniors have difficulty attending their booster appointments, either because of mobility challenges or because caregivers are unable to accompany them. Through our expansion in 2022, Homage is committed to providing Malaysians with more alternatives for high-quality healthcare services, be it medical escort services or nursing care at home. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver quality care to more seniors and families across the country.

To serve the nation

Thank you to all of the families who have welcomed us into their homes and entrusted us with their loved ones since 2019. We look forward to providing quality care for many years to come!

At the same time, none of this would have been possible without the tireless efforts of our Care Professionals. Here’s to many more years with Homage!

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