Homage Highlights: WAM 2020

In conjunction with World Alzheimer's Month, we had a line up of initiatives that we hope have been beneficial for everyone.

by Deborah Yaw

World Alzheimer’s Month is celebrated worldwide every September to commemorate persons with Alzheimer’s and their loved ones who care for them. Every year, Homage has been advocating this cause with the objective to spread awareness highlighting Alzheimer’s and provide insightful knowledge to those who may or may not know about it by collaborating with partners such as Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia. This year marks the 9th World Alzheimer’s Month.

Alzheimer’s Disease International stated that about 123,000 people in Malaysia live with the condition. This number is expected to double at 261,000 by 2030 and increase to over half a million people at 590,000 in 2050.

We have a line up of initiatives that we hope have been beneficial for all. Here’s a recap of all the activities the team has put together for the month.

“Let’s Talk About Dementia” event by Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia.

For World Alzheimer’s Month, Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia (ADFM) organized a two-day event on the 12 and 13 September called “Let’s Talk About Dementia”. There were activities such as health talks on dementia, health screening, chair yoga, musical performances, and exhibition booths —where Homage was a part of as well.

This year, we are also proud to be an ambassador of the Purple Ribbon campaign, where we distributed purple ribbon pins to all our Care Professionals in support of the cause.

ADFM continues to be a beacon in advocating change for persons with dementia, to talk about the stigma surrounding it so that more people will be educated to know more about dementia and how it is not a normal part of ageing.

Check out this video on some highlight snippets of the event.

Homage Academy: Caring with Homage Care Pro Webinar

As part of Homage’s initiative, we wanted to equip our Homage Care Professionals with some knowledge about dementia and Alzheimer’s so that they in turn can better care for senior loved ones out there, as well as provide knowledge to family caregivers.

The Homage team organized an online webinar and shared different experiences and expectations on how to provide care for persons with dementia or Alzheimer’s. It was also a great time of getting to know our Care Pros and putting the names to the faces of our Care Pros who go to their visits day in day out.

Homage Web Series: World Alzheimer’s Month themed videos

A biweekly recurring event, the Homage Web series airs every fortnight on Friday at 9 pm on the Homage Malaysia Facebook page. In September, we had two World Alzheimer’s Month themed videos.

The first video entitled “Five Brain Exercises To Strengthen Your Mind” demonstrates exercises that can be beneficial for all ages, and especially helpful for persons with dementia to keep the mind active that can help with brain motor function and physical mobility.

The second video is a collaborative video with ADFM Day Care Centre, where we cover questions such as what early on-set dementia is and how daycare centers can help individuals with dementia on a day-to-day.

We are so glad to do our part in driving awareness for dementia and Alzheimer’s in Malaysia and we hope that many people out there have benefited from and learned a few things about the medical condition. We hope to see more awareness efforts taking place in Malaysia between public and private organisations to highlight health conditions such as Alzheimer’s so that more Malaysians have a better understanding of how to care for their senior loved ones.

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