Homage Set to Transform Home Care in Malaysia in 2022 through Multi-City Expansion, Increased Job Opportunities and Public-Private Partnerships

Homage will bring its tech-based caregiving solution to families in more cities aims to partner with more organisations and institutions to build a better Malaysian healthcare ecosystem

by Homage team

[Kuala Lumpur], 14 FEBRUARY 2022 – Homage, the on-demand home caregiving services platform combining qualified Care Professionals with smart technology, today announced its most significant expansion in Malaysia yet with new footprints in Ipoh, Perak, enabling families and their loved ones in these areas to receive quality care at home through the Homage app. Additionally, Homage also aims to grow its pool to 11,000 caregivers, nurses, and therapists nationwide by the end of 2022 and to partner with more organisations and health institutions to decentralise the healthcare burden in Malaysia and pave the way for all Malaysians to access quality step-down healthcare at their fingertips.

Growing concerns over healthcare accessibility and an overloaded healthcare system have seen demand rise across Malaysia for alternative, home-based care services that can safeguard care recipients, even more so with the rise in Omicron cases as of late. 

In tandem with the recent Series C fundraising round in September 2021 and marking its third year in Malaysia, Homage’s latest expansion to Perak will look to bring home care to more Malaysians and ensure that people from all walks of life who need proper care – such as post-surgery patients, or those recovering from long-term injuries – can receive it in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Based on the care recipients’ needs, Homage develops a personalised care plan and uses a proprietary matching engine to pair the care recipients with the best-matched Care Professionals (a skilled pool of nurses, caregivers, and therapists) to provide care. Families can receive real-time updates on their loved one’s care and manage bookings and reports via Homage’s mobile app, making it a flexible and efficient experience. Homage’s range of services includes Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as showering and toileting assistance, companionship, night care; nursing care such as wound and stoma care, as well as medical escort services to doctors’ appointments, and hospital visits. 

Understanding that holistic change in the caregiving ecosystem requires a concerted effort from all stakeholders, Homage actively welcomes partnerships with organisations and healthcare institutions in the Klang Valley, Penang, Johor, Perak and beyond to jointly elevate healthcare standards in the care continuum. In the last few months, Homage has supported Malaysia’s nationwide COVID-19 vaccination efforts by deploying over 300 nurses in 22 vaccination centres in major Peninsular Malaysia states. Combined, Homage’s nurses have administered over half a million vaccine doses. It has also mobilised nurses and caregivers for partner nursing homes and hospitals requiring additional manpower by providing assistance for acute and chronic nursing care, as well as day to day caregiving.

“The pandemic has shown us just how important it is to ensure that people can receive quality care where they feel safest and are most comfortable – their homes. Homage is committed to answering the call for more equalised access to good healthcare and our expansion to more Peninsular cities, is just the first step. We know that it is a joint effort to create true ecosystem impact, which is why Homage is also eager to work with other like-minded organisations and institutions within the community to help more seniors and family members across Malaysia enjoy a better quality of life,” said PC Gan, Country Manager of Homage Malaysia.

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