Female gig worker happy to find work-life balance

For International Women’s Day, TheSun spoke to a female gig worker from Homage Malaysia, Suzanawati Bustani, to get her insights on working in the gig industry.

by Homage team

This interview first appeared on The Sun.

PETALING JAYA: In the gig economy, otherwise known as freelance, temporary and flexible jobs are getting quite common these days.

Suzanawati said she has more freedom and has a better work-life balance since joining the industry.

“Women’s responsibility is primarily as a caregiver of the family, so the gig industry provides good opportunities for us since we can have more freedom, flexibility and (strike a) better balance between personal life and professional life,” she told theSun.

Asked if she has faced any challenges, she said she has not encountered any since working for Homage Malaysia. “I have never faced any challenges because the company studies our clients’ backgrounds well before signing any agreement with them.”

Suzanawati said she would strongly recommend her friends to join the gig industry because it gives them a flexible lifestyle.

“It’s a freelance job. The gig business gives us flexibility: taking care of our families and contributing to the service industry at the same time.

“I will also recommend my children to join the gig industry because we can live a balanced lifestyle,” she said.

Suzanawati obtained her caregiver certificate on Dec 5 last year and started freelancing for Homage Malaysia two days later.

At Homage, she provides companionship to individuals, looks after their personal care and hygiene give medication reminders and acts as a medical escort.

“Most of the care recipients are happy to see me since I am the one providing the services that they need from us.

“We do talk about what they did in the past and so on to stimulate their brain and as part of the introduction process.

“I have served different clients with different health conditions, so it’s like a learning curve that I gain from all of my clients,” she said.

The gig industry gives a lot of leverage and flexibility to the workers as it is freelance.

Suzanawati said she is able to balance between personal, family and professional life.

“It would be really good if Homage or any other gig services can consider providing more employment-based protection and benefit for gig economy workers,” she said.

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