Bringing Out the Passion In Caregiving to the Fore

Everyone has a story to tell. Read how Care Pro Nadia Ahmad Kutubbudin is living her passion in caregiving after being a Homage Care Professional.

by Nureen Imaan

Care Pro Spotlight: Nadia Ahmad Kutubbudin

Nadia has been a caregiver with Homage since February 2020. She began her career as a recruiting consultant but her bright and colorful demeanor inspired her profession as a caregiver. Nadia aims to provide the finest care for the elderlies she care for, allowing them to age gracefully at home.

In the picture: Care Pro Nadia

Why did you join Homage?

I’ve always loved spending time with elderlies even as a young girl. One day, I came across Homage ads and I got attracted immediately as this job allows me to care for the elderlies, even without prior experience. I was provided with proper training to be a Homage Care Professional after joining and it has become the most fulfilling job I’ve ever had!

How has working with Homage shaped your professional or personal journey as a Care Professional?

I’ve always wanted a job that revolves around helping people. Before Homage, I worked as a recruitment consultant but I realized it was more of a sales related job. When I started working with Homage, I knew from my heart, that this is my calling. I never looked back and became a full-time Care Pro. 

Working with Homage is uh-mah-zing! Homage gives me the opportunity to pick the time and date that are convenient for me! I get to know families of different races and backgrounds while also being able to learn their family cultures and traditions. Sometimes, they get me involved and treat me as their own!

– Care Pro Nadia 

How has Homage helped you to maximize your income?

I am happy to say that my income has not been affected at all during this pandemic. I no longer have to depend 100% on my spouse to support my personal expenses. Homage has helped me to make my own savings for my family’s future and I’m eternally grateful for this opportunity. 

Was there a time where you went the extra mile to care for a Care Recipient (CR)?

Yes, there were plenty but my favorite one is when I surprised my Care Recipient by bringing her longtime bestfriend to her house. She said her bestfriend was just a year older than her – CR was 93, and her bestfriend was 94. CR had mentioned about her several times during my visits. She would tell me her story of how they became friends when they were very young and how this bestfriend of her might like me.

I suggested that I could probably bring her friend over to her place. Her face lit up as bright as ever and I knew that this would make her day. We called her best friend to ask where she’s staying and I picked up the best friend from her place on my way to CR’s place during my next visit. CR was already up and ready when we got to her house, excited and delighted to see her bestfriend. CR thanked me for the wonderful surprise, she was extremely happy that she finally got to see her bestfriend.

What is the most impactful or memorable experience you had taking care of a Care Recipient?

There are so many of them! I guess the most memorable one is when the family of one of the care recipients thought the CR couldn’t walk. With constant effort and practice, I proved to the Care Owner that the Care Recipient can actually heal and get better. They were stunned and surprised!

There was also a time where I had to deal with an aggressive Care Recipient that had Dementia and I managed to get them to calm down from just talking and giving them assurance. Equipped with my basic understanding of dealing with difficult dementia patients, I proceeded to identify the source of the patient’s rage and prevent him from becoming more agitated, even after he requested that I leave.

The usual reason why the patient was agitated and aggressive was usually the choice of words used by the primary caregiver (family member). This time, it was because of the medicine he didn’t want to take. The patient thought that his wife was trying to kill him but I assured him that she wasn’t. I told him that those were supplements that I was consuming as well (even though I didn’t). I reminded myself to stay calm and started asking questions towards the patient to understand his feelings. I let the CR talk while just being there to listen to him pouring his heart out. It was not easy, but it was satisfying.

Care Pro Nadia during a visit.

Describe your experience as a Care Professional in 5 words.

Fascinating, Fulfilling, Fun, Heartwarming, Satisfying!

– Care Pro Nadia 

Offering Primary Caregivers Respite and Support

Homage has many caregivers from different walks of life with the common goal to help seniors and adults in their road to recovery. Our home care and support is aimed at empowering them to continue living healthy, fulfilling lives. At Homage, working as a Care Professional grants you a wide array of opportunities and advantages:

  • Stay flexible with a better work-life balance as a freelance, part-time or full-time Care Professional
  • Receive a stable income or competitive salary package that corresponds to their knowledge, skillset, and experience
  • Gain opportunities to work with us regularly and tier up in your career pathway as a Care Professional
  • Upgrade your skills with holistic and specialised training and certifications from our training partners and in-house specialists
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