No Place Like Home This Malaysia Day

Meet Bhanu, our Homage Care Pro who went abroad to become a nurse. She shares about being back after 6 years, and how there's no place like home.

by Deborah Yaw

Tell us more about yourself

My name is Bhanumathi Subramaniam and I’m from Kuala Lumpur.

I started my career in the administrative line for projects and later moved on to a great start at a call centre with a bank. I then progressed to the Branch Management and finally became a part of the Anti Money Laundering Managing Team of Analyst performing transaction investigations working with the Country Compliance Team.

It was a lot of dedication and hard effort put into my job which I enjoyed and loved though it was very challenging and stressful with long hours of work. I travelled on my job, conducted trainings, doing a lot of staff counselling, especially for the younger generation. My strength is being a people person, having the right attitude and staying positive at all times which makes me work with enthusiasm and carry out my work diligently.

I enjoy dancing and had the opportunity to take up Indian classical dance, cooking, gardening and community work.

How did you first start off with nursing and how did you first discover your passion for it?

As I always love learning new things in life, I decided to move on and I chose Nursing as my next career. It was not an easy decision, taking my personal life and family into consideration and finally, I decided to pursue my studies in nursing in Perth, Australia. It was definitely a tough journey for me getting back to books full time, juggling with family and three part-time jobs and YESSS — I excelled and made myself proud. My late dad would have been so proud of me too as he always wanted me to become a nurse and he knows it suited me well.

I was always active in community work working with the soup kitchen in Australia which gives me the satisfaction of being able to help in small ways that will give a great impact to the needy community. This is when I discovered that my passion was to reach out to people and to provide an unconditional level of care for patients and especially the elderly, which I have soft spot for using my unique gift of touch and compassion.

Was there anything significant during your time as a nurse that shaped the way you are today?

Being a nurse plays a huge, significant role in the health industry. I carry myself professionally and am able to communicate with patients and all health professionals. I believe that one needs skills in critical thinking and that allowed me to identify and prioritise interventions. I have become confident with my sense of judgment and decision, looking at patients holistically and attending to their needs. Most importantly, I have learnt to take good care of myself, being healthy physically and mentally so I get to enjoy a good lifestyle which I never did when I was attached with the bank as time was a constraint.

What is the most Malaysian thing about you?

I speak four languages — English, Malay, Tamil and Chinese (Cantonese), which is spoken in Malaysia. “ SATU MALAYSIA “

How was it different being away from Malaysia and finally being back here?

Being away from Malaysia for almost six years definitely made a huge difference. Malaysians are a very multicultural bunch and we live in harmony regardless of ethnicity, race or religion. I look forward to festive seasons in Perth as that gives us Malaysians a reason to get together. We enjoy speaking in our own mother tongues and automatically our “lah” comes out. But nothing beats the authentic food in Malaysia which I miss and the warmth of Malaysians. I made a decision to come back to Malaysia to take care of my ill mother.

In terms of nursing, Australia is strictly regulated and it is mandatory to comply with them. As for awareness, I must say the Australian government is very supportive in providing full healthcare and insurance to all citizens fairly and special attention is given to the senior citizens. By saying this, it’s not that Malaysia does not provide medical support but there is so much more room for improvement in the space of senior citizen care here and the waiting period is just too long.

As a Homage Care Pro, what are your hopes for the future in Malaysia’s caregiving space?

I strongly feel that caregiving for the elderly here is inadequate and families are too busy with their own lifestyles and with that, their own parents are neglected. More support should be provided to create awareness, by having a regulatory environment and to provide more resources for the family caregivers and to enjoy the quality life they well deserve.

As a Homage Care Pro, working under an esteemed organisation that is always there to support in any way possible is so fulfilling for me and it drives me to provide unconditional care to all the care recipients at all times by having the ability to make them feel at ease, being sensitive to the respective health situations, providing warm encouragement at every step of the way and most importantly, providing quality care.

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