Care Services & Rates

Homage Care Professionals (Care Pros) are here to give you peace of mind. With experience and dedication, we deliver to you and your loved ones home care you love and trust.

Our Services

Personal Care

  • Check-in Visits
  • Companionship
  • Exercise
  • Meal Preparation
  • Medical Reminders
  • Night Caregiving
  • Vital Signs Monitoring ((Pulse & B.P)
  • Personal Hygiene and more

Home Nursing

  • Catheter/Tube Care
  • IV Drip
  • Medication Administration
  • NGT/PEG Feeding
  • Respiratory Care
  • Stoma Care
  • Blood glucose check
  • Wound Care and more

Personal Care

All caregivers are trained and certified to take on Personal Care services.

Personal Care Hourly Price Package Price
Pay Per Hour RM40 -
40-Hour Care Plan RM33/hour RM 1,320
100-Hour Care Plan RM32/hour RM 3,200
200-Hour Care Plan RM29/hour RM 5,800
Hourly Price
Pay Per Hour : RM40
40-Hour Care Plan: RM33/hour
100-Hour Care Plan: RM32/hour
200-Hour Care Plan: RM29/hour
Package Price
Pay Per Hour : -
40-Hour Care Plan: RM 1,320
100-Hour Care Plan: RM 3,200
200-Hour Care Plan: RM 5,800

Nursing Care

All nurses are certified under the Lembaga Jururawat Negara to take on nursing care visits.

Nursing Care Hourly Price Package Price
Pay Per Hour RM50 -
40-Hour Care Plan RM42/hour RM1680
60-Hour Care Plan RM40/hour RM2400
100-Hour Care Plan RM38/hour RM3800
200-Hour Care Plan RM34/hour RM6800
Hourly Price
Pay Per Hour: RM50
40-Hour Care Plan: RM42/hour
60-Hour Care Plan: RM40/hour
100-Hour Care Plan: RM38/hour
200-Hour Care Plan: RM34/hour
Package Price
Pay Per Hour: -
40-Hour Care Plan: RM1680
60-Hour Care Plan: RM2400
100-Hour Care Plan: RM3800
200-Hour Care Plan: RM6800

*Transportation fee applies for all care visits (ranges from RM15-20)

**For complex nursing procedure rates, do email us at [email protected] to enquire


Service FAQ

What does Homage do?

As Malaysia’s #1 home care service provider since 2016, we have served over 10,000 Malaysians and counting trusting us with their loved one’s care. We believe that every person should receive holistic care right where they are in their own home. Think of it as never having to leave your home to get the care you need today.

Are the rates the same across weekdays and weekends?

Yes, all Homage rates are the same whether it is day or night care, weekday or weekends and even on public holidays.

What does "Pay Per Hour" mean?

Compared to other home care providers in the market requiring one to lock down a minimum duration, you can engage our services from 1 hour onwards according to your own flexibility.

What are Homage home care packages?

We have short-term and longer-term home care packages with varying care durations so that you and your loved one can find a care package which best fits your needs and preferences. Our home care packages can also help you save up to 20% for multiple care sessions. Reach out to our Care Advisors by email at [email protected] or call us at 016 299 2188 for more details.

Whats the validity period for all the Homage Care Plans?

All Homage Care Plans validity ranges from 30-60 days.

Care Plans Duration
40-Hour Care Plan 30 days
60-Hour Care Plan 30 days
100-Hour Care Plan 45 days
200-Hour Care Plan 60 days

How fast will I receive the home care service?

Once you have confirmed that you would like to engage Homage’s home care service, we can match you or your loved one with a suitable Care Professional as fast as within 48-72 hours.

Who are the Homage Care Professionals?

All our Care Professionals are Malaysians (and permanent residents) who are passionate and dedicated to delivering quality elderly care to you and your family. They are locals and trained caregivers, nurses and therapists from all walks of life.

Where is Homage operational in?

You can engage care from us in KL, Selangor, Penang, Perak and Johor.

Is there additional fees involved apart from what's stated above? (Transport, etc)

Transport fees are charged only if the care visit is less than 4 hours. For visits of more than 4 hours, the transport fee will be waived.

All items or medical materials must be provided before the visit.

Can 1 caregiver care for 2 care recipients at the same time?

To ensure you or your loved one receives undivided attention and care, we advise one (1) Care Professional for each person in your home who requires support. Our dedicated Care Professionals can better accommodate your needs and preference. If there are 2 individuals in the same home who needs care, a Care Professional would be present to care for each recipient respectively.