Experts' Top 5 Anti-Ageing Tips for Your 30s

Experts’ Top 5 Anti-Ageing Tips for Your 30s

These tips go beyond your regular anti-ageing creams. Follow them to delay the physical effects of ageing, naturally.

by All Things Health Malaysia

This article is a content collaboration between Homage Malaysia and All Things Health Malaysia.

Life is full of unpredictable moments but one thing is guaranteed: everyone ages. The process of ageing brings forth many changes, both physical and mental. What you used to enjoy may now seem tedious. And it’s hard to miss the visible changes in skin appearance, mobility, and brain memory. Fortunately, positive lifestyle practices can provide many anti-ageing benefits for your skin.

In Western medicine, there are many theories about why humans age. However, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views ageing from a functional perspective – the depletion of jing and qi. TCM Physician Luke Yau Wai – a featured expert at All Things Health Malaysia – says that the early stage of ageing, such as hair loss, begins at 35. Meanwhile, sagging skin and greying hair will appear once a person reaches 42. 

It’s possible for these symptoms to show earlier in life due to different factors, including poor diet and stress. Keep scrolling for five anti-ageing tips to slow down the signs of ageing naturally.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting a good sleep will help in healthy ageing
The amount of shut-eye you get is integral to your bodily functions, including the skin. A lack of sleep can accelerate skin ageing and delay skin barrier recovery after exposure to sun ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Staying up late is also associated with a few visible signs of skin ageing, such as fine lines, uneven skin tone and reduced skin elasticity. Ensure you have at least seven hours of sleep nightly. Going to bed and waking up at a set time will also help regulate your circadian rhythm or sleep cycle. 

Follow a Mindful Diet 

Practising a healthy and mindful diet can help in ageing healthily
Instead of being restrictive, try focusing on balanced meals and nutrition. To combat the harmful effects of high sugar and saturated fat intake on your skin, consume more fruits and vegetables. They are abundant in antioxidants, enhancing skin protection by suppressing oxidative stress in the body.  

Physician Luke explains, “The skin is closely related to the digestive system. Excessive consumption of spicy, fried, and over-processed foods can easily cause skin problems, such as pimples and acne.” The Lungs govern qi, respiration, and the outer skin layer. When there are deficiencies due to dryness and Heatiness, the skin loses nourishment. Therefore, Chinese medicine reflects the importance of strengthening the Spleen and stomach and moisturising the Lungs to slow down skin ageing. 

As for supplement recommendations, royal jelly invigorates the Spleen and stomach, while bird’s nest nourishes the Lungs and the skin. Lingzhi (Ganoderma lucidum), a prominent TCM ingredient, is also good for maintaining youthful skin.

Consume More Collagen-Rich Foods

Food that are rich with collagen help maintain skin hydration, elasticity, and density
Scientists agree that collagen found in foods and supplements can potentially help maintain skin hydration, elasticity, and density – if taken over a specific time frame. Oral collagen supplementation supports the body in increasing natural collagen production. 

One way to ensure a sufficient collagen intake is by eating more collagen-rich foods. Bone broth, fish, and tropical fruits are delicious examples you can add to your lunch and dinner menu starting now.

Let Loose 

Living a stree-free life can helps in ageing healthily
Stress is one of the primary factors of premature ageing. When you’re under pressure, your body produces more cortisol and reduces collagen mass in the body, thus accelerating skin ageing.

Taking a few minutes daily to practice relaxation techniques is an anti-ageing strategy many celebrities swear by. Jennifer Aniston and Gisele Bündchen credit their youthful skin to meditation, yoga, and breathing exercise, for example. Physician Luke advises people with joint pain or restrictive mobility to try tai chi or Qigong. 

Do Anti-Ageing Facial Massages at Home

Gua sha tool or face roller is effective to reduce wrinklesAcupressure massage can help stimulate anti-ageing effects on your face and neck. Grab a gua sha tool or face roller to clear the lymphatic system and improve skin elasticity. It’s easy to do it yourself, and facial massage is effective in reducing wrinkles’ appearance 

The first step is to wash your face and hands thoroughly. Set the mood with some candles and music. Then, apply a facial oil or serum that allows the tool or your finger to glide smoothly on your skin. 

Next, apply pressure to the centre of your forehead for three seconds and repeat three times. This massage technique can help smoothen frown lines on your forehead and help you do away with stress and headaches.

Pretty simple, right? These anti-ageing tips, along with a skincare routine that keeps your skin clean, moisturised, and protected from the sun’s UV rays will get you looking your best. Last but not least, avoid smoking and staying up late at night. Commit by creating your own wellness plan with All Things Health Malaysia and find more TCM-related tips. Your journey to well-being begins here.

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