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Home Physiotherapy: Benefits and What to Expect

Home physiotherapy is great for those who need physical therapy but are not mobile or don’t have family available to bring them to appointments.

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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the use of physical touch and equipment to help people overcome movement problems. These problems may be caused by stroke, Parkinson’s, spinal pain, and respiratory conditions.

Physiotherapy Malatsia

Often, physiotherapy involves using equipment in hospitals, medical centres or private clinics. However, travelling can be a great hassle for those in pain or who have difficulty walking.

Can Home Physiotherapy Be An Alternative?

There is an alternative for those who hate travel. Physiotherapy can be done at home instead! Household items, coupled with ingenuity, can be used for home physiotherapy. Some equipment is also portable and can be brought to your home by your physiotherapist.

Benefits of Home Physiotherapy

Home therapy has many benefits. For one, it is convenient and many people find comfort simply from being in their own home. In addition, family members do not need to take time off work to accompany loved ones to therapy sessions or spend money on transport costs. Your loved ones will not experience fatigue from having to travel.  They can focus their energy on physiotherapy and stay motivated to keep with it. With home therapy, your loved ones will also become more familiar with the exercises they need to do on their own. They will be better prepared to do these exercises in between therapy sessions. This helps improve results.

Is Home Physiotherapy Safe?

Home physiotherapy is safe. Homage’s physiotherapists are trained and will first check if your loved one is in good condition to exercise before they begin the session. They do this by monitoring vitals and conducting routine assessments. Once they’ve done that, they will plan exercises to suit. If your loved one cannot continue, they will stop exercises.

Is Home Physiotherapy Expensive?

Costs vary but Homage’s home physiotherapy price is on-par with many hospitals and clinics. When looking at cost, you should also consider transport costs and the cost of taking time off work to accompany a loved one. Depending on how mobile your loved one is, travelling by taxi can add an additional RM30 to RM50 per visit.


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