Parkinson’s disease progresses over time, and there are generally five stages of the disease. The help they need will depend on which stage they’re at.

At Stage 1, your loved one may experience tremors on one side of the body, but are still mobile and independent.

At Stage 2, your loved one may get tremors on both sides of the body and frequently lose balance.  They may experience problems walking. To prevent falls, they need supervision when moving about and eating becomes more difficult.

Falls become more frequent at Stage 3, as they lose balance all the time. Your loved one will need help getting around, and supervision for daily activities like showering and eating.

At Stage 4 and 5, your loved one is unable to live independently. They need help to move, for daily activities and eating. As the disease progresses to stage 5, they will be unable to stand or walk, eat and swallow. They are completely dependent on their caregiver.

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