Grandchildren illuminate and enliven the world for their grandparents. These days, it’s almost too easy to let the busy lives we lead keep us from spending time with our grandparents more regularly. Since time can never be replaced , it’s even more crucial whom we choose to spend moments of our lives with. There’s no need to wait until Grandparents Day to appreciate our grandparents as they are worth every minute! 

Here, we would like to bring together a series of stories to bridge that generational gap and highlight heartwarming relationships between grandchildren and their grandparents.

This time, we say hello to our intern at Homage — Raja Sofea as she shares her relationship with her grandma, Nenek Ani. 


1.  What is your favourite thing to do with your grandmother?

I always enjoy cooking whenever I have free time. To be able to do it with Nenek Ani is something that I look forward to whenever I pay her a visit. It is usually the time to catch up with her. In fact, before we start cooking, we usually go grocery shopping together and that’s actually my favourite part, as Nenek Ani would introduce me to everyone at the market! 



2. What does Nenek Ani do that makes you happy?

When she cooks the meal that I’ve been craving for. I think it makes me think of the days where she would prepare my favourite food and hope that I would join her for lunch. Looking back, I think she was hoping for a loved one to keep her company during mealtimes and I wished I could be there every meal! 


3. What do you do that makes Nenek Ani happy?

To my grandma, little achievements matters. She will acknowledge it and will even share her thoughts on how making mistakes help us grow. This is where she inspires me to even do better which  subsequently boosts my self confidence. 


4. What do you think people say about your grandmother?

That she is kind, loving and communicates well. She often brings out the best in people. In fact, my Nenek Ani loves to share. In our neighbourhood, she is known to be the best cook and often receives compliments from people! 

She makes the best chicken rice! It’s almost unbeatable. I still remember when she first started making it, she was so frustrated that the chicken was not well cooked and did not meet her expectations. From then on, she started experimenting with different ingredients and as they say…the rest is history! 


5. What was Nenek Ani like when she was younger?

She was a very independent and loud person. She would usually catch people’s attention because she’s very cheeky and adventurous. 


6. If you could make any wish for Nenek Ani, what would you wish for her?

I truly appreciate her for taking care of me and my siblings since the day we were born. She deserves nothing but the best and I hope that her kindness will be returned.  

7. What’s the best thing about being a grandchild?

The best thing about being a grandchild is that I can get my grandparents’ support in whatever I do. There are moments where I just want to rant to my grandparents about my day and I know that they’ve got my back. 

8. What is the best piece of advice you’ve received from your dear Nenek? 

To not worry too much. As long as you work hard, pray hard and respect others, everything will be okay.




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